Remote support is a great way to get quick support to solve most problems on your desktop or laptop. Once the connection has been established, Nick can see your screen, move the mouse and type as if on your keyboard. 

Remote support is not suitable if:

  1. Your internet is not working.
  2. Physical access is needed, for example to replace the disk, memory or DVD drive.
  3. A large amount of work is needed, eg for a complete reinstall.


The remote connection is protected by a 9-digit password. No data is stored remotely and the connection can be enabled or disabled from your desktop at any time.

Setting up the remote connection:

  1. Click here to download the NickWorks Remote Agent   Download the Agent Download for Mac


  2. Call Nick for instructions of how to install it, and to get the required code.

  3. Detailed instructions: Click here
  4. Disabling and enabling the Agent instructions: Click here


Remote support is used as part of NickWorks Bronze Service. Please visit this page to get support.

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