Rather than paying for computer support when it is needed, the NickWorks Bronze Service option provides you with a whole year’s-worth of support. As an introductory offer to this new service, the cost is just £50 per year. This covers all the computers and printers in one household.

Any required labour charges will be covered by that single payment – remote support, telephone support, or time spent in the workshop if needed. The only extras would be charges for parts or software licences if needed.

If the total amount of time spent in carrying out work under a Bronze Service Plan (within any one year) exceeds 10 hours, then NickWorks reserves the right to charge for further work at the normal hourly rate of £25/hour.

Please visit the signup page to set up a direct debit for this plan.

To make sure that your computer is in a good state you might wish to add an MOT check. This thorough check is a separate step and costs a flat fee of £40.

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