Ways to get support

  • Phone support – just pick up the phone for a chat about any computer problem. Nick is always happy to talk and will recommend one of the following ways to resolve the problem. Cost: Normally FREE
  • Remote support – this is the quickest and cheapest way to fix things. Nick will ask you to install a small program which allows remote access to a desktop computer of laptop, and then take a look. Ideal for small problems that require a quick look. Cost: £10 per 20 minutes
  • Site visit – some problems require a visit. This is best where the problem involves printing, networking, or more serious problems. Cost: £25 per hour, no travel costs in local area (Marsh, Edgerton, Lindley, Birkby, Quarmby, Paddock, Oakes, Mount, Salendine Nook, Thornton Lodge, Fartown, Aspley, Birchencliffe or Milnsbridge).
  • Computer MOT – a complete security check, malware removal and cleanup which results in a machine running faster and more safely. Normally done using remote support. Cost: £40 – discounts for multiple computers.
  • Support contract – to keep your computer in tip-top condition, book a series of services spread over a year which at the same time give you a chance to ask any other IT-related questions. Cost: £12.50 per session, 6 or 12 times per year. Discounts for multiple computers.
  • Workshop repair – for when your computer needs a full reinstall or a hardware repair, the NickWorks workshop is ready to do whatever is needed. Cost: Variable, normally not more than £40 plus parts.
  • Serious laptop repair – if the screen is cracked, or the USB or charger ports are broken, I normally refer the repair to Inspiration Computers.
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