Ways to pay NickWorks

  1. GoCardless – This is the NickWorks preferred method for collecting payment. When you sign up for a Service Plan, you will be directed to the GoCardless signup page where you will enter your bank details. Payment will then be taken by Direct Debit, with transactions labelled as GoCardless.
  2. Bank transfer – bank details are : Lloyds TSB sort code 30-94-43 / Account number: 56993460 / Account name: Dr C. Barber
  3. Invoice – tell me your email address and I will send an invoice which is easy to pay with any bank card.
  4. Paypal / Debit or Credit card: Use the button below. Enter the amount to be paid in the “Price per item” box. Use “Pay by Debit or Credit Card” if you want to use a card rather than a PayPal account.

  5. Cash
  6. Card machine: You can use any bank card in the NickWorks card machine (in person only).
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