Taffy Thomas - Legends of the North (download)


Taffy Thomas – Legends of the North (download)


A digital download of the full album, supplied as MP3 files.


A digital download of the 2006 album ‘Legends of the North’ from Taffy Thomas the Storyteller.

“In the North of England legends grow out of the land… Hills and dales, rivers and bridges, if they could speak it would be with the voice of Taffy Thomas. From North Sea to Irish Sea, from the Solway to the Tweed, Taffy’s storytelling paints the historic landscape with the vivid colours of legend and folklore”

Track list:

  1. The Road to the North
  2. Long Meg and Her Daughters
  3. Pollard and the Brawn
  4. Aria Force
  5. The Stanhope Fairies
  6. The Generous Hand of St. Oswald
  7. Hoad Hill
  8. The Bishop’s Rock
  9. The Easington Hare
  10. Billy Peasecod’s Harp
  11. The Devil’s Bridge
  12. Cartmel Priory
  13. Fairy Ointment
  14. A Parting Toast

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