Jim Eldon - Songs and Fiddle Tunes


Jim Eldon – Songs and Fiddle Tunes


1 x glass mastered CD in 2-panel digipak

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The latest studio album from Jim Eldon – released by Stick Records in 2017.

Songs And Fiddle Tunes is a well-crafted piece of work and shows Jim to be the fine performer that he is, with a love and respect for the music he has appreciated for so long.” Dave Beeby – Living Tradition

Track listing:

  1. Old North Skelton Sword Dance
  2. Good Luck to the Barley Corn
  3. Goathland Square Eight
  4. The Merry Cuckold
  5. Goathland Speed the Plough
  6. Queen of Tavendor
  7. Old Time Waltz
  8. Fair Ones are Shining
  9. I Wonder if the Old Folks Thinks of Me
  10. It’s Still Around Somewhere
  11. No Man’s Jig
  12. Three Jolly Tugboatmen
  13. The Officers’ Polka
  14. There’s a Puffin in my Pint
  15. The Brickmakers
  16. Adieu to Old England
  17. Sid’s Twist
  18. It was the Liner Titanic
  19. The Sylph
  20. A Message from Genghis Khan
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