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A Family of Storks

Family of storks Stork detail Nest detail Young stork in nest

A family of storks at their nest: a large piece using willow, grass, leaves, wire and scrap metal. For this installation at Batley School of Art Pauline covered armatures of willow branch in natural materials such as grass and rhubarb leaf.  As well as giving the birds solidity, her intention was that the process of decay would be interesting, while the twig structures would still be fairly recognizable once the materials which covered the birds decayed fully. A tape of the sounds of storks' bills clacking played continuously around the birds.

Some extracts from Pauline's diary while making this piece:

Wednesday: Wanted filling for stork, i.e. grasses, veg leaves. Went down to a florist and came away with a bunch of pampas grass totally free of charge. The florist was glad to get rid of them and pampas was my original idea for the storks’ breast.

Thursday: Raided compost heap for cut grass and rhubarb leaves. The leaves should be good for wings as the veins show through, which they would without feathers. The dried grass mixed with pva glue and water make a good filler, unfortunately it makes the bird heavy, so can't use too much.

Friday: Need a certain type of leaf, can't find yet. Bought more leeks but forgot the receipt. Problems over speed of decay. Pepper, or orange peel for beaks and legs? Saw half a car today, be good for stork nest! Forgot camera again.