Here is an incomplete list of tunes I have written. Most of them are part of “A Musical Diary”, which began on 12th December 1996.

Where available, I have also included recordings of the tunes. 

Please feel free to play these tunes, perform them, use them how you want. Send me your comments, or recordings, and I will add them to the website.

I have registered some of the tunes (marked with an asterisk*) with PRS – if you perform them in public you should make a PRS declaration – via the venue (you don’t have to pay anything).

There a quite a few people referred to in these tunes – family, friends, musicians, morris dancers, pub landlords, bands, celebrities…thank you all!!

See the people!!

Tune numberTune nameImageDateRecording
1Cure of All GriefImage1980
2The Sloe Gone WrongImage1980
3The Lady in the BoatImage1981
4Mary’s Polka No. 1Image1983
5Mary’s Polka No. 2Image1984
6Nick’s MaggotImageJuly 1989Play
7Mary’s TuneImageJune 1991
8Gordon’s TuneImageOctober 1991
9Adrian’s TuneImageOctober 1991
10Steve’s Tune ImageOctober 1991
11Malcolm’s TuneImageNovember 1991
12LanlawrenImageAugust 1992
13PolperroImageAugust 1992
14Hop HouseImageAugust 1992
15Grist MillImageAugust 1992
16Lantic BayImageAugust 1992
17Up and DownImage1993
18The Knife’s EdgeImage1993
19Clive’s TuneImage1993
20Stream at the Bottom of the GardenImageMay 1993Play
21Annie’s TuneImageJune 1993
23The RockImageApril 1994
24It’s Only a TeapotImageMay 1994
25M25Image27th May 1994
2617 TodayImageJune 1994
2780 TodayImageJuly 1994
28The Highland Quickstep PlusImage31st October 1994
29NutcrackerImageNovember 1994
30Waltz 1ImageNovember 1994
31BoltonlatenImageJune 24th 1995
32Square BracketsImageDecember 12th 1996Play
33Jelly BeansImageJanuary 6th 1997
34No ProspectsImageJanuary 7th 1997Play
35Harry Enfield’s WaltzImageJanuary 7th 1997Play
36Fifty Pence PieceImageJanuary 7th 1997
37A Little Bit CoolImageJanuary 8th 1997Play
38Coming Back AgainImageJanuary 8th 1997
39Carrot CakeImageJanuary 10th 1997
40Burning the BearImageJanuary 12th 1997Play
41GreedyImageJanuary 14th 1997
42Isaac’s TuneImageJanuary 14th 1997
43No WayImageJanuary 14th 1997
44String QuartetImageJanuary 15th 1997Play
458.03ImageJanuary 21th 1997
46Standing AloneImageJanuary 21st 1997Play
47St George’s FieldsImageJanuary 28th 1997Play
48ChirpyImageJanuary 28th 1997
49Should Have DoneImageFebruary 10th 1997
50A Bit More To It – 1 ImageFebruary 5th 1997
51A Bit More To It – 2ImageFebruary 6th 1997
52Run AwayImageFebruary 10th 1997
53I’m Crying (But I Don’t Know Why)ImageFebruary 17th 1997
54Lazy JigImageMarch 9th 1997Play
55Mother’s DayImageMarch 9hth 1997
56Just RememberImageMarch 22nd 1997
57CrosswordImageMarch 25th 1997Play
58East and WestImageMarch 31st 1997
59Apt PhraseImageMarch 30th 1997
60PuzzledImageApril 14th 1997
61Horrible EyesImageApril 17th 1997
62LullabyImageApril 17th 1997Play
63Manchester WaltzImageMay 13th 1997
54Tread LightlyImageMay 22nd 1997
6564 MBImageMay 25th 1997
66Never AgainImageMay 25th 1997Play
67Long Buckby Wedding MarchImageMay 25th 1997
68Who is This?ImageMay 25th 1997
69Do You Prefer It?ImageMay 26th 1997
70Raspberry PotImageJuly 12th 1997
71RockingImageJuly 13th 1997Play
72Day OffImageJuly 18th 1997
73Emily’s TuneImageJuly 19th 1997
74Lois’s TuneImageJuly 19th 1997
75TorontoImageJuly 19th 1997
76Far AwayImageJuly 22nd 1997
77St VicenteImageJuly 23rd 1997Play
78Far Away 2ImageJuly 25th 1997
79English ChannelImageJuly 25th 1997
80Portland BillImageJuly 25th 1997
81Isle of WightImageJuly 25th 1997
82South CoastImageJuly 25th 1997
83Beach WeddingImageAugust 8th 1997
84Leaving SidmouthImageAugust 9th 1997Play
85Lisa’s JigImageAugust 9th 1997
86Friday Morning MailImageAugust 22nd 1997
87Eyes ClosedImageAugust 22nd 1997
88I’ve Said Too Much AlreadyImageSeptember 17th 1997Play
89Whichever Way I TurnImageSeptember 18th 1007Play
90The KissImageSeptember 27th 1997
91French TuneImageSeptember 30th 1997
92Smiling FacesImageOctober 9th 1997
93Marsh HouseImageOctober 9th 1997
94Shall I Shan’t I?ImageOctober 10th 1997
95Steady as She GoesImageOctober 11th 1997Play
96WeirdImageOctober 19th 1997
97Song of HateImageOctober 19th 1997
98The LiftImageOctober 20th 1997
99FleeceImageOctober 20th 1997
100Father WillisImageNovember 16th 1997Play
101Friday NightImageNovember 21st 1997
102Dredging Up the Old StuffImageNovember 21st 1997Play
103Thank You for My BirthdayImageNovember 25th 1997Play
104ChatterboxesImageDecember 3rd 1997
105Another LullabyImageDecember 9th 1997
106This Day Left Intentionally BlankImageDecember 11th 1997
107Closing DownImageDecember 24th 1997
108Don’t BotherImageDecember 24th 1997
109Don’t Tread on the BabyImageDecember 25th 1997
110IWHAFImageDecember 30th 1997
111Curry HouseImageJanuary 18th 1998
112Wallace and Grommet are DeadImageFebruary 21st 1998
113How Many Words?ImageFebruary 28th 1998
114Xantho-terpsichorean InterludeImageMarch 1st 1998
115Talking to MeImageMarch 2nd 1998
116Doing the IroningImageMarch 8th 1998Play
117The Yorkshire SpaniardImageMarch 8th 1998
118Riverhead NedImageMarch 21st 1998Play
119Tap Tap TapImageMarch 22nd 1998Play
120Trunkles BledingtonImageMarch 25th 1998
121A Year AgoImageMarch 26th 1998
122Apples and NutellaImageApril 6th 1998
1231998 ADImageApril 6th 1998
124Millions of OrangesImageApril 13th 1998
125Last WaltzImageMarch 26th 1998
126Royal LimbImageApril 19th 1998
127Little Black StoneImageMay 17th 1998
128LNFImageMay 23rd 1998
129Button Up My Big MouthImageJune 9th 1998Play
130Tree in the WindowImageJuly 4th 1998
131Move that CapoImageJuly 4th 1998
132Holiday SongImageJuly 31st 1998
133Standing by the OceanImageAugust 3rd 1998
134Radway 98ImageAugust 5th 1998
135PoppyImageAugust 5th 1998
136No PhotographsImageAugust 11th 1998
137Boat SongImageAugust 16th 1998
138OliverImageAugust 16th 1998
139Oily SeaImageAugust 16th 1998
140It’s Not So BadImageAugust 25th 1998
141I’ll Tell You a StoryImageSeptember 18th 1998
1427.15 On a Saturday MorningImageSeptember 19th 1998
143Song for ChristinaImageOctober 2nd 1998
144Art’s TuneImageOctober 15th 1998Play
145New FocusImageOctober 15th 1998
146There’s a HoleImageOctober 25th 1998Play
147On My BirthdayImageNovember 25th 1998
148Watt a Surprise
ImageNovember 27th 1998
149FeastImageFebruary 1st 1999Play
150Keep on WalkingImageFebruary 28th 1999
151Step and Fetch Her OddingtonImageMarch 13th 1999
152No ProblemsImageMarch 16th 1999
153That SmellImageMarch 17th 1999Play
154Nobody KnowsImageMarch 20th 1999
155I’m NervouseImageApril 18th 1999
156Coming HomeImageMay 3rd 1999
157Well I’ll Never DrinkImageMay 3rd 1999
158Oh JoImageMay 11th 1999
159The FireplaceImageJuly 2nd 1999Play
160Bee to the HoneypotImageJuly 2nd 1999Play
161Crinkley HeadImageJuly 3rd 1999Play
162Never Heard of YouImageJuly 4th 1999
163Welcome to the WorldImageJuly 8th 1999Play
164I’m a Mile HighImageJuly 23rd 1999
165Ana-MariaImageJuly 27th 1999
166SeptemberImageAugust 1999
167BumpImageSeptember 5th 1999
168Light the Fire, RonImageSeptember 16th 1999
169Size 8ImageOctober 1st 1999
170Untitled 1ImageOctober 1st 1999
171There Once Was a PersonImageNovember 1999
172Half Way ThereImageOctober 15th 1999
173Morning from HellImageNovember 6th 1999Play
174Burglar in the NightImageNovember 6th 1999Play
175Birthday CardImageNovember 24th 1999
176Happy JigImageNovember 25th 1999
177RedImageNovember 25th 1999Play
178Anna CloughImageDecember 21st 1999
179When Wednesday ComesImageJanuary 4th 2000
180Furry CollarImageMarch 2nd 2000Play
181Morris Dance IIIImageMarch 2nd 2000
182Lynne’s SongImageApril 21st 2000Play
183Anna’s On a CloudImageMay 19th 2000
184I Wish I Were InvisibleImageMay 9th 2000
185Please Do Not Put Your RubbishImageOctober 30th 2000
186SaturdayImageMarch 11th 2000
187Back to the 8.03ImageMay 31st 2000
188Reflected in the WindowImageMay 31st 2000
189Happy New Year to YouImageJanuary 1st 2001
190Sleep Little JulietImage2001
191Forgotten ReelImage2001
192Tiny HandsImageAugust 2000
193You Only Want me for my BodyImageAugust 2000
194Not the Oyster GirlImageAugust 2000
195Because Her Eyes Won’t CloseImageApril 20th 2001Play
196Tom’s Farewell to the RadwayImageAugust 2000Play
197Holmfirth JigImageMay 12th 2001Play
198Deborah the ZebraImageJuly 7th 2002
199Camera in my HeadImageJune 28th 2001
200Hansi’s BirthdayImageNovember 19th 2001
201Mrs Rabbit Mrs Rabbit Will You Hop With Me?ImageMarch 14th 2002Play
202Calling SongImageApril 18th 2002
203Nidderdale AnthemImageJune 2002
204Early WarningImageOctober 20th 2002Play
205Take a HintImageSeptember 2002
206Around at the WeekendImageOctober 31st 2002
207Two Tall TreesImage2002
208Broken AnkleImageJuly 23rd 2003Play
209Watt a Surprise IIImageJuly 6th 2003
210Thank You for the WalkingImageJuly 23rd 2003
211Krankenhaus SongImageJuly 26th 2003
212Varsovianna FlavourImageOctober 2003Play
213Isabel Fay (You’ve Got a Way)ImageDecember 28th 2003
214HopalongImageSeptember 17th 2003
215AngelImageJanuary 10th 2005
216Offer AgainImageFebruary 22nd 2005
217Absent FriendsImageDecember 30th 2018
218Dont Start FartownImage
219Farewell to the Tap and SpileImage
220Mac’s JigImageNovember 16th 2017
221Mac’s MarchImageNovember 16th 2017
222Mr West’s Lighthouse TuneImageAugust 27th 2016
223New Straw BearImageJanuary 15th 2016
224Old BryonyImageOctober 21st 2017
225Ossett BeercartImageOctober 21st 2017
226Sixty-Five TodayImageJanuary 27th 2018
227Sliding Down RainbowsImageJanuary 27th 2018
228Tap Tap Tap FartownImageJanuary 27th 2018
229Trunkles FartownImageJanuary 27th 2018
230Tying the KnotImageMay 29th 2014
231Windy CornerImage
232Birthday Tune for Mary HumphreysImage
233Carol’s WaltzImageFebruary 17th 2018
234Murphy the Rather Elderly CatImage
235Robin – A Dare!Image
236Close Your Eyes and Think of Something NiceImage
237Definition of EverythingImageJanuary 18th 2000
238Trip to FerrensbyImage
239Trip to GrewelthorpeImage
240Bethany’s WaltzImage1st May 2018
241New PlayfordImage
242Easter SundayImage4th April 2021
243Forty Forty Double FortyImage2020
244Noel 2020ImageDecember 2020
245Still in Your PlaceImage1st November 2019
246No Taste No SmellImage
24th March 2020
247Another Trip to KnaresboroughImage6th July 2019
248A Trip to ZurichImage5th July 2016
249Sowerby Bridge, Sowerby Bridge (Where’s Stanley?)Image21st September 2019
250Don’t Start (Fartown)Image2018
251Dance On (Fartown)Image2018
252Haigh LaneImage24th June 2006
253Lizard BabyImage
254Lizard baby No. 2Image
255One For AndrewImageJanuary 30th 2020
256Ray’s DayImage10th July 2019
257Sixty TodayImage
258Twins in GeminiImage17th September 2011
259Fartown Calling On SongImage2020
260Shepley FestivalImage
22nd May 2021
261Birthday 09Image25th November 2009
262Tune from 2002Image2002
263EnigmaImageSeptember 19th 2008
264Never Got BackImageSeptember 19th 2008
265Untitled HornpipeImage2003
266I WishImageNovember 26th 2007
267Number 219Image2010
269Brown BootsImageApril 24th 2020
270Mr Gumpy IImage2006
271Mr Gumpy IIImage
272Les Gorges d’AlsaceImage
27360 Today IIImage
27460 Today IImage
275New Log CabinImageOctober 25th2008
276GooImageSeptember 25th 2006
277No. 1Imagejanuary 1st 2018
278No. 2ImageJanuary 2nd 2018
279No. 3ImageJanuary 3rd 2018
280No. 4ImageJanuary 4th 2018
281No. 5ImageJanuary 5th 2018
282No. 6ImageJanuary 6th 2018
283Trollers GillImageMay 25th 2021
284Forty, Forty, Double FortyImageMay 25th 2021
285English RebellionImageApril 3rd 2004
286Sixty Today IIImageFebruary 20th 2008
287A Trip to BirminghamImageAugust 28th 2013
288Back at the SportsmansImageSeptember 16th 2020
289Tune a Day No. 2 – Not the SloeImageJune 1st 2012
290Tom’s WeddingImageNovember 1st 2013
291Tune a Day No. 1 – Spring WaltzImageMay 31st 2012
292Tune a Day No. 3ImageJune 2nd 2012
293Berwick HouseImageAugust 6th 2021