John Bibby & Kim Bibby-Wilson - The Glinter Stone


John Bibby & Kim Bibby-Wilson – The Glinter Stone


1x CD in 6 panel card digipack with sleeve notes.

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A new album from John Bibby & Kim Bibby-Wilson, released 2021. Songs and tunes with mandolins, guitars, concertina, Northumbrian pipes and fiddle.

‘Glinter Stone: a Northumbrian expression for a large stone placed at the side of the entrance to an archway leading into a yard or chare to protect the side wall from damage by cart wheels.’

Track list:

  1. Peacock’s March (Anthem) (trad.)
  2. The Gallowgate Lad (trad./J Wilson)
  3. Mind Your Step (S Hardy)
  4. The Roman Wall (trad.)/ Pub of the Year (N Smith)/ The Cooper o’ Stannerton Heugh (trad.)
  5. Gateshead Waltz (trad.)
  6. The Piper at Capheaton (trad.)/The Pheasant Dance (trad.)
  7. Bourree a Bouscatel (A Bouscatel)
  8. Damsons in Distress / The Kern Baby (K Bibby-Wilson)
  9. The Shoe Maker (trad.)
  10. Lamentations / Me Meus Bet Plijadur (trad.)
  11. Comt Herders (trad.)/ Schots & Scheef (K van der Poel)/ Malbroek (trad.)
  12. Breakdown (trad.)
  13. Whittingham Fair (trad.)
  14. The Glinter Stone (K Bibby-Wilson)
  15. Jacky Layton (trad.)
  16. Adam Buckham, O! (trad.)
  17. Orn-Jantes Waltz (PH Alcen)/Cinq Sous (trad.) / Bourree (trad.)
  18. Fy Let Us Awa to the Bridal (trad.) / Shuter’s Hornpipe (trad.) / Newcastle Hornpipe (trad.)
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