Holmfirth Festival 25 Years Double CD - Roots & Wings


Holmfirth Festival 25 Years Double CD – Roots & Wings


Double CD Compilation Album. 2x Glass Mastered CDs in Plastic Jewel Case with Sleeve Notes.


Featuring Kate Rusby, Roy Bailey, Vin Garbutt, Blue Murder, Barry Dransfield, John Connolly, Ray Fisher, Witches of Elswick, Bedlam, The Keelers, Pat Ryan, Dave Burland, Holm Valley Tradition, Peeping Tom, Mighty Zulu Nation, Will Noble, The Pack, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, The Elliots of Birtley, Flook, Chris While & Julie Matthews, Tom McConville & Pauline Cato, The Doonans, and more…

Track list:
CD 1
Roy Bailey: Small Rebellion (5.49)
from Never Leave a Story Unsung (Fuse CFCD398, 1991)
Doonans: I’ll Tell My Ma (Roud 2649; Henry H48e) (3.40)
from Manna from Hebbburn (DFBCD02, 2000)
The Elliotts of Birtley: Lassie wi’ the Yellow Coatie (Roud 2582; G/D 4:870) (3.22)
from Pete and Pat Elliott: Yet Again
Flook: Beehive (5.02)
from Rubai (Flatfish 004CD, 2002)
Kate Rusby: I Wish (Roud 60; Laws P25; G/D 6:1170; Henry H683) (4.06)
from 10 (Pure PRCD10, 2002)
Martyn Wyndham-Read: The Squaddie’s Lullaby (3.41)
from Where Ravens Feed (Fellside FECD157, 2001)
Blue Murder: No One Stands Alone (4.49)
from No One Stands Alone (Topic TSCD537, 2002)
The Pack: Reunion Jig / Morrison’s Jig (4.03)
from 12 Little Devils (Selwyn SYNMCD0005, 2001)
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman: Granite Mill (Roud 1823; Laws G13) (3.19)
from 1. (IScream EQC002, 2002)
The Voice Squad: Annan Water (Roud 6562) (5.10)
from Holly Wood (Hummingbird HBCD002, 1992)
Chris While & Julie Matthews: Walk the Line (4.03)
from Quest (Fat Cat FATCD009, 2001)
Vin Garbutt: Wings (4.39)
from Vin Garbutt Plugged (Home Roots HRCD 011, 1995)
Last Night’s Fun: The Tinkerman’s Daughter (8.48)
from Dubh (ADA 102 CD, 2001)
Barry Dransfield: Jezebel Waltz (3.23)
from Be Your Own Man (Rhiannon RHYD5003, 1994)
Mally: Bobbin-a-Joe (0.24)
from Mally’s Cotswold Morris Book Volume 2 (Mally DMPCD8802, 2001)

CD 2
Mally: Bonnets So Blue (0.49)
from Mally’s Cotswold Morris Book Volume 2 (Mally DMPCD8802, 2001)
Dave Fletcher & Bill Whaley: The Call and the Answer (4.13)
from Old Men and Love Songs (BILDA002, 2000)
John Conolly: Send Us a Postcard (2.45)
from Send Us a Postcard (JACD01, recorded live at Holmfirth Folk Festival on 8 May 1999)
Ray Fisher: Coulter’s Candy (Roud 19019) (3.04)
from Traditional Songs of Scotland (Saydisc CD-SDL 391, 1991)
Tom McConville & Pauline Cato: The New High Level / Mr Kennedy North / La Grande Chain (4.17)
from By Land and Sea (TCCD01, 1996)
Jigby: Jock Stewart (Roud 975) (3.54)
from Jigby 1979-1999
The Witches of Elswick: The Blue Cockade (Roud 191; TYG 2) (5.00)
from Out of Bed (Fellside FECD180, 2003)
The Keelers: On the North See Ground (3.31)
from The North Sea Ground (Keel KMCD103, 1998)
Bedlam: Kendal Ghyll / Spotted Borders (5.01)
from Evolution of the Lazy Tongue (Selwyn SYNMCD0004, 2000)
Barry Bridgewater: Merry Mountain Child (Roud 1769; TYG 42) (3.27)
John Cocking: T’ Ordnance at Burton (3.44)
both from Will’s Barn (EFDSS VWML 002, 1987)
Pat Ryan: Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears (5.08)
from Barefoot over Stones (Rivington RIVCD048, 2002)
Colonel Custard: Albert’s Lost His Marble (3.22)
from Colonel Custard Tape
Tom Napper & Tom Bliss: The Violin (4.59)
from The Silverlode (Slipjig SlIP006, 2003)
Dave Burland: How Will I Ever Be Simple Again (3.20)
from His Master’s Choice (Road Goes On Forever RGFCD009, 1992)
Mighty Zulu Nation: Ingwe Ngonyama (2.17)
from GIYA (2002)
Peeping Tom: The Camels are Coming / Lizzie Lichine (3.39)
from A Sight for Sore Eyes (Folksound, 1992)
Will Noble: The Holmfirth Anthem (Roud 1046; TYG 55) (4.55)
recorded live at Dewsbury Town Hall with the audience and cast of Folkwork’s English Roots Tour, Waterson:Carthy, Robert Harbron, Chris Wood, Dog Rose Morris on 4 December 2002

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