Jim Eldon - Golden Arrows


Jim Eldon – Golden Arrows


1 x CD-R in 2-panel digipak


The 1991 album of original songs, written and performed by Jim Eldon  (vocals and fiddle), with Mike Hirst (melodeon, piano, and harmonium).

Recorded by Ray Williams at Panda Sound, North Dalton in 1991, and mastered for CD by Phil Snell at Limbo Studios, Otley in 2014.

Re-released by Stick Records in 2017.

Track listing:

  1. The Outlaw and the Police Chief’s Wife
  2. Love Song
  3. Toilet Roll
  4. Rocking at the End of Time
  5. Haircuts
  6. There isn’t any Superman
  7. I don’t want to work for you
  8. Engine Driver
  9. Rocking with the Band
  10. Daughter O Daughter
  11. Red Leather Shoes
  12. Barr and Darr
  13. Home Town
  14. Waiting for my Pools win

All songs by Jim Eldon except Track 8: Eldon/Cook,  Track 15: Eldon/Slater.

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