Taffy Thomas - Fairy Gold (download)


Taffy Thomas – Fairy Gold (download)


A digital download supplied as both MP3 and .WAV files.


A digital download of the 2005 album from Taffy Thomas the Storyteller.

“Published collections of traditional folktales are often bracketed together under the title ‘fairytales’ even if they don’t contain any stories of the little people, the fairy folk. This small collection reveals that there are still magical stories of the fairy folk throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales… ”

Track list:

  1. Fairy Gold (6.00)
  2. The Pinch of Snuff (7.04)
  3. Salt In The Milk (1.48)
  4. The Fairy Boots (8.09)
  5. The Stanhope Fairies (8.32)
  6. The Fairy Ointment (5.08)
  7. The Golden Harp (7.22)


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