White Rose Music

The Cliff Barstow Jig Competition

On the Day

Make sure your phone is working, is charged up, and that we have your phone number.

If you choose to dance in kit please get ready!

Join the White Rose jig competition Zoom meeting from your phone at 5.30pm on the day – Wednesday 25th August. You should have received the meeting number and password in advance.

You will be able to see the other competitors and the compere.

Most of the time, you will be muted – you'll be able to hear everything, but noone will hear you.

When we need to talk to you, you'll be unmuted. When it's your turn to perform, you'll be unmuted.

Be ready to do your jig(s) at any time after 6pm! You'll have to quickly place your phone in the right place to see your dancing, start your own music, and then do it!! We will publish a running order on the website, but this may change at short notice.

There will be an interval after all the “first” jigs have been danced, while the judges decide which six dancers should progress to the final. Then there will be an announcement saying who are the finalists.

After the six final jigs, there will be another pause before the award ceremony – and a final jig from the winner.

Thanks for taking part!

Information for entrants: How to enter | Get the music | Setting up your equipment | On the day