The Cliff Barstow Jig Competition at Whitby@Home

Information for competitors

Entry will be online, by email only.

Entries will open on Wednesday July 14th 2021 and will be limited to the first 16 applications. First come, first served.

Please submit your application by emailing the following information to

  • Name*:
  • Contact phone number*:
  • Preferred email address (if different from the one you are using to send this):
  • Side:
  • First dance choice*:
  • Second dance choice*:
*: required information

Please choose your first dance from the following list:

  • Old Tom of Oxford: Bampton
  • Princess Royal: Bledington
  • None So Pretty: Field Town
  • I'll Go and Enlist: Sherborne

You should prepare to dance this jig live when called upon by the compere. We will try to establish and stick to a running order, which will be published on the White Rose website, but things might change at short notice! The music used for this jig must be the prerecorded music downloaded from this site (see Get the Music).

Please also prepare a second dance: any standard Cotswold single jig, but you must supply your own music or musician, or use one of the above. A second dance will only be required from the 6 finalists (but you need to prepare one in case!).

Note: Dances should be a single jig drawn from the normal Cotswold repertoire, in a standard versions. Judges will be looking for good style, not fancy tricks!

    Judges to be:
  • One nominated by White Rose
  • One nominated by Whitby Festival
  • One nominated by the Barstow family
  • The outgoing winner from the previous year if available - or their nominee

Judges will choose a winner, but will not rank the other competitors, nor give out scores or feedback.

In the event of a tie for winning place, or of any other dispute, the final decision will rest with the Squire of White Rose Morris Men.

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