Light and Lyrical

Orchestra of Square Chapel have just joined the Light Music Society, and today we received the summer copy of their magazine. There’s a lovely article by Hilary Ashton about her father Ernest Tomlinson’s adventures, composing a symphonic piece to submit to an Italian competition, then travelling overland to Italy to hear it, and winning the competition.

This was in the 1960s – no EasyJet, no AirBnB! They drove there and back, and camped – which reminds me of some of our family expeditions around that time!

Orchestra of Square Chapel will be performing Ernest Tomlinson’s First Folk Dance Suite on October 16th at Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax. Our conductor for this concert, Alex Webb, is a trustee of the Light Music Society and has introduced us to this fantastic resource.

Thanks Alex, we’re really looking forward to this!

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