It’s tempting to wait until things go wrong with your Windows PC system before taking any action. But by regular checking, many problems can be forestalled. NickWorks Silver Service support contracts are a first step in this direction. Under this plan, monthly checks are run to make sure everything is in good order.

At the same time you are offered one-to-one NickWorks Remote Support sessions covering any topic you choose. During these times NickWorks can sort out any problems you have, offer advice, or install software.

Take the stress out of your life – get your own tame IT technician!!

How it works:

For the routine checks, for software installations, and to allow you to demonstrate any problems, remote access software will be used which allows NickWorks to see your screen and control your keyboard and mouse. This remote access can be easily enabled or disabled from your desktop at any time.

  1. An initial free NickWorks MOT will be carried out to ensure that everything is in good order.
  2. NickWorks Silver Service support contract customers then receive, monthly:
    • A check that your antivirus software is correctly updating (this is crucially important to the continued health of your PC). Fixing if necessary.
    • A check that Windows Update is working correctly and has updated your operating system. Updating as required.
    • A check of your Windows Firewall.
    • A check on disk usage, and removal of temporary files etc.
    • A check and cleaning out of installed programs running at startup.
    • Updating of web helper programs – a common source of insecurity.
    • A check of web browsers and their extensions.

This service will be done at a time to suit you using Remote Support.

3. Support contract customers can also take advantage of a free monthly one-to-one remote support session where you can demonstrate any current problems and get advice on any IT-related topic.

The NickWorks Silver Service support contracts give you more security and better support. Your computer will be properly looked after, with regular checks of all its key functions.

Pricing: You can choose either monthly (12 sessions spread over 1 year) or bi-monthly (6 sessions booked over 1 year). The price per session is £12.50 for 1 computer, £20 for 2, £22.50 for 3.

This works out to:

  • 1 computer monthly : £150 /year
  • 2 computers monthly: £240/year
  • 3 computers monthly: £270/year
  • 1 computer bi-monthly=£75/year
  • 2 computers bi-monthly=£120/year
  • 3 computers bi-monthly: £135/year


    Please visit the signup page to set up a direct debit for this plan. An annual payment will be made.

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