This set of procedures is designed to check the security on your Windows PC and to ensure its smooth and speedy operation. The following are included:

  • A check of your antivirus software. A suitable freeware program will be installed and configured if required. A virus scan will be run and any viruses found removed.
  • A check of the Windows operating system. This will be updated with the latest service pack and Windows updates, and the configuration of Windows Update checked to ensure that updates happen automatically in the future.
  • Installation of a malware removal tool, and running of a malware scan. Any unwanted malware programs will be removed.
  • A check on disk usage, with the removal of unwanted temporary files.
  • A check of processes running at start-up. Processes not required will be disabled in order to speed up the login.
  • Web browser add-ons will be checked and updated. Outdated add-ons are a common source of insecurity, potentially leading to virus or malware infections.
  • All installed software will be checked and unwanted programs removed.

Please note that the MOT is designed to check and tune up a computer. In certain cases more major work would be required – if this turns out to be the case I will give you a free quotation for the required work, but not attempt to carry out the MOT as above.

An MOT service takes around one hour, but may last longer, depending on the jobs required. The fee is £40 however long it takes. For two computers at the same site the charge is £60.

If you would like round-the-year support for all your computing needs, you should consider adding the NickWorks Bronze Service.

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