Windy Gyle Band - Force 6


Windy Gyle Band – Force 6


1x Glass Mastered CD in 6 panel digipack case.


Windy Gyle Band – Force 6 (Increasing Gale 9) With guests Ruth Ball, Emily Hoile, Jimmy Little A collection of tunes in the traditional Northumbrian style, played by North East traditional supergroup Windy Gyle. Anthony Robb (pipes, fiddle Heather Robb (pipes, fiddle) Nikki Williamson (fiddle, pipes) Ged Lawson (guitar, pipes) Alice Burn (pipes) Paul Knox (fiddle, pipes) With special guests: Jimmy Little (mouth organ) Ruth Ball (fiddle) Emily Hoile (clarsach, harp) Track list:
  1. Money For Nothing/Captain Bover/Reed House Rant
  2. Ashleigh Mann’s Birthday/Parnell’s March
  3. The Swan/The Tea/The Roaring Barmaid
  4. MissBanff Forbes’ Farewell To Banff /Dunstanburgh Castle
  5. Three Sharp Knives/Risty Gulley/Busty Gulley
  6. Alistair J. Sim/French Canadian 4 Step
  7. The Old Morpeth Rant/Da Road To Houll/Flaming Umbrella/Jock Wilson Of Fenton
  8. The Patchwork/Robertson’s/Mr. Kennedy North/Willy Taylor’s Fiddle
  9. The Rowan Tree/Leaving Lismore/Blowzabella
  10. The Boreal Owl/Trip To Brittany/Valley Of The Moon
  11. Buttered Parsnips/Dr. Robb’s Dancing Feet/Amber Lay-by
  12. Heroes Of Glencoe/Bill Sutherland
  13. Young Scotty/The Quarryman/The Little Burnt Tattie/The Lemonville

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