Various - Stepping it out again!


Various – Stepping it out again!


1x Glass mastered CD in jewel case with 22 page booklet by John Howson.


A selection of field recording from the John Howson collection. Featuring: Jimmy Lynch (West of Ireland) Tom Smith (Suffolk) Septimus Fawcett (Teesdale) Emma Vickers (Lancashire) Brian & Darren Breslin (Co. Fermanagh) Jack Stannard (Suffolk) Harry Litherland (Lancashire) Sarah Anne O’Neill (Co. Tyrone) Reg Pratley (Oxfordshire) Denys Troughton (North Yorkshire) John Campbell (Co.Antrim) David Savage (Suffolk) Eli Frankham (Norfolk) Lucy Farr & Cyril Barber (Galway & Suffolk).

Released on CD by Veteran Records in 2011, VTC10CD.

Track list:

1. The Plains of Boyle / Dinny O’Brian’s – Jimmy Lynch (melodeon & dancing dolls)
2. Cunning Cobbler – Tom Smith (song)
3. The Steamboat /Nelson’s Hornpipe – Septimus Fawcett (English concertina)
4. Lancashire Man’s Advice to his Son – Emma Vickers (song)
5. Christie Barry’s /The One that was Lost – Brian & Darren Breslin (fiddle & button accordion)
6. Knife in the Window – Jack Stannard (song)
7. Beautiful Ohio – Harry Litherland (duet concetina)
8. The Fisher’s Cot – Sarah Anne O’Neill (song)
9. The Pear Tree – Tom Smith (song)
10. Jim McKillop’s Reel – Brian Breslin (fiddle)
11. The Man Behind the Bar – Reg Pratley (recitation)
12. T’owd Sow’s Gettern the Mezzeles – Denys Troughton (song)
13. King of the Fairies – Jimmy Lynch (melodeon & dancing dolls)
14. The Iron Frost – John Campbell (story)
15. Cuckoo Waltz – Harry Litherland (duet concertina)
16. Brisk Young Sailor – David Savage (song)
17. Mickleby Fair – Denys Troughton (song)
18. The Pigeon on the Gate /Lad O’Beirne’s – Brian & Darren Breslin (fiddle & button accordion)
19. As Soon as I Touched my Seaweed – Emma Vickers (song)
20. Sam Fawcett’s Quadrilles – Septimus Fawcett (English concertina)
21. The Bush of Australia – Tom Smith (song)
22. Madam Bonaparte (set dance) – Jimmy Lynch (melodeon & dancing dolls)
23. The Barley Mow – Eli Frankham (song)
24. Paddy Fahey’s – Lucy Farr & Cyril Barber (fiddle & stepdancing)

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