Jim Eldon & The Sharpshooters - Rocking with the Band


Jim Eldon & The Sharpshooters – Rocking with the Band


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The original 1987 studio album by Jim Eldon & the Sharpshooters, remastered by Phil Snell in February 2021.

Featuring: Jim Eldon – vocals & fiddle, with Terry Fox – back-up fiddle and Croz Crosbie – cello.

Writing at the time in Leeds Other Paper, Mike Hurst described the album as: “F****** marvelous! A masterpiece of wit. Old time string band meets 80’s dole-queue defiance”.


  1. One Door Closes
  2. Pigeon on the Gate & Flowers of Edinburgh
  3. The Custom Car Kid
  4. Billy’s Polka & Woodland Flowers
  5. Rocking with the Band
  6. Soldier’s Joy

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