Chas Marshall - The Compleat Anglo


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Chas Marshall – The Compleat Anglo


1x CD-R in 4-panel digipack with sleeve notes.

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Solo album of Anglo Concertina by Chas Marshall, with Nick & Mary Barber (fiddle / recorder & melodeon).

Features a complete collection of marvellous tunes, played as they should be! Recorded live in 2017.

Track list:

  1. Miss Twentyman’s Delight
  2. Flowers of Ashgill
  3. Pippa Stanford
  4. Lily of Laguna
  5. Haigh Line / One for Ralphie
  6. A M Shinny / Shetland Boston
  7. The Malthouse
  8. Snowy Day Waltz
  9. Jupiter’s Return
  10. A Trip to Grewelthorpe / A Trip to Ferrensby
  11. Dennington Bell / Linda McFarlane
  12. Roslin Castle / The Rights of Man
  13. Waiting for the Waggon / Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over
  14. All A-Siden
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