Jim Eldon

A resident of Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Jim performs English traditional folk songs and fiddle tunes. Many of Jim’s songs and tunes are local to Hull and East Yorkshire – songs and tunes he learnt from family, from neighbours and from people he has met through actively going out  and seeking old songs and tunes that have been passed on by word of mouth.

For thirty years or more, Jim played for a living on board the Bridlington pleasure boats Yorkshire Belle and Flamborian. That was a seven days a week commitment from April to October, playing without amplification out on deck up to seven trips a day.

Jim’s wife, Lynette Eldon is a champion clog dancer and founder member of Green Ginger Clog Dancers. Together they have performed all over Europe, and two of the albums below showcase Lynette’s expert step dancing. 

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The Brid Fiddler

Jim Eldon’s 1987 live performance album, remastered for CD by Andy Newlove and John Howson in 2004. Featuring: Jim Eldon (Vocals & Fiddle), and Lynette Eldon (Step Dancing, tracks 3 & 12). 

Golden Arrows

The 1991 album of original songs, written and performed by Jim Eldon  (vocals and fiddle), with Mike Hurst (melodeon, piano, and harmonium).

Jim & Lynette Eldon

The rare and sought-after 1997 studio album Jim & Lynette Eldon, recorded by Oliver Knight at Panda Sound.  Featuring: Jim Eldon  (Vocals and Fiddle), Lynette Eldon (Clog Stepping).

Songs and Fiddle Tunes

The 2017 studio album from Jim Eldon, recorded by Phil Snell at Limbo Studio.   Featuring traditional and original songs and tunes, including tunes from Billy Pennock of Goathland.  

Fiddle Duets

The 2019 album of fiddle duets with Mossy Christian. 17 tracks of English fiddle tunes, traditional and contemporary. 
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