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NickWorks Websites

Nickworks websites have many great strengths:
  • They are beautifully designed and customised for you according to your own specifications.
  • They are quick to build as they are based on the working template displayed here, but display many advanced features including a picture gallery, a comments page, Facebook/Twitter feeds and a contact form.
  • They are mobile friendly, automatically adjusting themselves to suit different devices.
  • Most parts of the site can be easily edited yourself.
  • They are hosted on NickWorks servers, permanently, for free.
  • They are available for a flat payment to cover design and setup, with no ongoing payments.


Laying Out Your Website

Some of the basic design choices that NickWorks will agree with you are the colour scheme, the page types and titles, logos etc. There can be up to ten pages, though users will be able to access any part of the site just by scrolling downwards.
When you choose a NickWorks website, you can choose what pages will appear. NickWorks will discuss this with you, and make suggestions, but the choice is yours. A typical site will display some or all of the following pages:
Home page: Must quickly grab the readers’ attention and prompt them to find out more, contact you, make a booking or whatever it is you are most wanting them to do! The main picture and all the text will be easily edited by you.
About page: The NickWorks example About page contains a video and some attractive “modals” which create a popup window when clicked. You will be able to edit these things as required (not the video, which is fixed at setup time).
Gallery page: This attractive picture gallery will feature your best pictures, with the text and pictures editable. The total number of pictures will be fixed at setup time.
Local Area page: This example page can have any of your content on it. The example is laid out as a single column, but there can be two, three or more columns on any page. Text and images can be added as you wish and the layout and formatting of these is under your control.
Comments page: The comments can be edited but the total number to be included is fixed at the design stage.
Contact page: The contact form invites your visitors to send you a message without revealing your email address. The address to which the emails are sent is fixed at the design stage. The other details on this page can be edited at will.
Links page: This is another text page, wholly under your control. It is a good idea to link to other sites, and to invite them to link to your site, in order to improve your sites visibility on the web.
Further things you can add:
  • Facebook feed / Twitter feed: these are a good way to have your site keeping up to date without editing it. Your latest Facebook posts or Tweets will be displayed.
  • Buttons linking to external sites – the “Book now” buttons are an example – these can be placed anywhere on the site.

Get your website

Contact NickWorks to discuss what you want.
An example site will then be made for you. If you like it then it will be adjusted to your requirements and your initial text and pictures added.
You won’t pay anything until you are happy with the site, and then you will be asked for a one-off payment of £99.

Computer Repair Hints

Website Modal Feature

You can edit each piece of intro text, and after the modal opens you can change both the text and the picture on each one.

  • Example 1a

  • Example 2

  • Here is another example - example 3!!

  • Number 4


And more popouts...

  • 5

  • 6

  • Example 7

  • Example 8


Images are Responsive and Editable

Responsive image


Local Area Example Page


NickWorks IT Support specialises in supporting your home computing. Most people run into computer problems at some time or other, and it can be VERY frustrating!

Nick is very experienced at dealing with computer problems. Viruses, strange warning messages, hardware failures, slow computers, failure to start at all – Nick has seen it all before and will get things back and running smoothly quickly (and cheaply - the charge for a one-hour home visit is just £25).

This is a local business working in the Huddersfield area, which is being built up from the personal recommendations of many satisfied people.

Normally an appointment will be made to come to your home and fix your computer in place, but you can drop off a faulty laptop or computer base unit if preferred. Appointment times are flexible and do not need to be during the normal working day - phone to book a time. 

Pricing is simple:


NickWorks Computer Services


Call in NickWorks IT Support for any of the following with your Windows PC (these are just examples - if you have any IT problem, contact NickWorks):

Setting Up:

Problems with:

Advice on and help with:

Example comments page

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You can contact NickWorks using the form on the right or by phone, post or by email.

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