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NickWorks Small Websites

  • Beautiful clean design customised for you by NickWorks. You can choose colours, images, what pages there will be and what will go on them.   
  • Choose from a range of standard page layouts, as demonstrated on this website.   
  • Your site will automatically adapt for display on mobile phones, tablets and desktop PCs.   
  • Initial layout and content set by NickWorks, but key text easily edited by you.   
  • Fixed prices with a standard website costing only £99.   
  • Free web hosting set up on your behalf.   

About NickWorks

Home and Small Business IT Suppport Specialists

Working in the Huddersfield area, NickWorks concentrates on support home and small business users. Through a combination of site visits, workshop repairs and remote support sessions, NickWorks delivers professional support at sensible prices.

Example Media Page

Here is Facebook

Here is Twitter

A sample video

A sample audio file

Barber Sisters

Example FAQs Page

Your own items with dropdown text can be placed in here. There can be any number of items. They won't be editable once set up.

There are many possible reasons for this. First you must scan it for malware. Then look for software that is running that needn't be.
When you delete a file it is not really deleted, but the pointer to its location is removed. As long as no new data has been written to this disk location, it may be recoverable.
It's important to get exactly the right upgrade. Most memory suplliers offer a small scanner which will advice you.

Example Events Page

Headings and text can easily be edited by you.


Type your own text here

You can insert plain text, Here is some.

headings, lists, images

hyperlinks and videos


Type your own text here

You can insert plain text,

headings, lists, images

hyperlinks and videos

You can choose a layout with a different number of columns...



More stuff

which you can edit

EVENT 4a u b cd

More stuff

which you can edit


More stuff

which you can edit


More stuff

which you can edit


More stuff

which you can edit


More stuff

which you can edit

Or you could choose a single column...



More stuff

which you can edit abd which will appear in one single column - the simplest layout possible!! The text is centred and will flow onto the next line when it needs to. Any minute now it will do that, depending on the wirth of the browser window used to view it.

Example Pictures page

Some examples - a simple layout followed by a carousel display.



Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tibb



Typical Upper Nidderdale scene



Wellhouse in the winter

What our customers say

Example comments page


Example pricing page. Can be adapted to display other things. Text editable by you.

Site Visit

£25 Up to 1 hour

£10 per extra half hour

No callout fee (HD postcodes)


£40 flat fee

Full security

check and speed

up of your PC.

NickWorks Website


A fabulous website

set up for you

and editable

by you.


Example Contact page. Contact information editable by you.

Contact NickWorks and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Address: 11 Marsh Grove Road, Huddersfield HD3 3AQ

Mobile: 07710491762


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